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The Hit King Debate

Chicago, ILL (McC) – Bronson Whang, with 3,048 major league career hits, McCabe Magazine has here by proclaim him the “McCABE LEAGUE HIT KING.” He is not only our Hit KING, but the best hitter all-time. That last statement, (best of all-time) has caused a major disturbance within McCabe Magazine’s editor’s office. I was attacked by a number of our columnist who point to the fact that Whang has one All-Star appearance and one World Series Ring. They also debated the careers of Hall of Famers Hulk Kingland (Home Run King 678), Placido Ortiz (8-time all-star, 3 time MVP, .335 career BA), Apollo Stanifer (5-time all-star, 2796 hits), Julian Alvarez (677 HR), Rick Ward (8-time all-star) and Denny Johnson (664 HR, .312 career BA). I also received a number of complaints from a small group of misinformed writes, who contemplate a pitcher can be titled “best of all-time,” that assembly of writers threw out the following list of hurlers, Luther Abercrombie (all-time wins king 339, all-time strikeout king 4,333), Cedrick Hollins (HOF, all-time saves 551 and 2.58 ERA king), Skeeter Brown (HOF, 525 saves), and Vince Garcia (complete game king 133, shutout king 43). That said, I reminded them of the statement “best hitter of all-time.”  

After a 10 hour conversation regarding my suggested headline, as senior editor I tabled the discussion and moved forward with my initial proclamation, Tony Cortes (8-time MVP, .336 career BA ), is the “Best of All-Time” oops! I meant to say Bronson Whang is the “Best Hitter of All-Time.”

The Career and Stats    

Let’s take a look at the career of Whang. I can’t believe in this day and time that Whang has played his entire 20-year career (17 ML), with the same organization, the Anaheim Angels, and the same owner captain10a. Whang signed a $6.5 million bonus in season 3 as an international free agent out of Kyoto, Japan and was assigned to the Angels Low-A club where he met his lifelong friend and teammate Midre Cruz (2154 Hits, 406 HR, 1298 RBI). He was also an IFA signee assigned to the Angels Low-A club (93-51) in season 3 and won a Major League World Series Ring with the Angels and Whang in season 10. Cruz spent his 18 year career, 13 in the majors, with 4 different organizations, 12 with the Angels, 2 with the San Francisco Giants, 2 with the Kansas City Royals, and 1 with the Rochester Broncos. Whang spent his first 2 and 1/2 pro-years in the minors where he batted .325 and collect 377 hits, and was quickly promoted during season 5 to the major league club. That year in played in 100 games accumulating 107 hits, and 25 home runs. His breakout year was in season 7 when he hit 49 HR with 129 RBIs. From season 8 to season 21 he average the following; 176 Hits, 35 Home Runs, 104 RBIs and 159 games played. Whang is presently a 38 year-old unsigned free agent hoping to catch on with a club looking for help at the designated hitter position and spot starter at first-base. Cruz and Whang have kept in touch over the years and spend their winters waiting by the phone, fly fishing in South American, and hunting Sasquatch in the Great Northwest.   

I must be honest at this point, after reviewing all the great players in our league, naming anyone the best of all-time is quite a stretch, but one thing is for sure, Bronson Whang is the ALL-TIME HIT KING! 

Monday, August 11, 2014


Season 23 Power Rankings

The power rankings are an average of the following team statistics; Wins, OPS, Runs Scored, ERA, Runs Allowed, and Fielding Percentage. 

Top 10
Rank Team Owner Wins Lost
1 New York Mets basebalguru 24 15
2 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 28 11
3 San Diego Padres jgarron 28 11
4 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 22 17
5 Anaheim Angels captain10a 23 16
6 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 27 12
7 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 24 15
8 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 25 14
9 Florida Marlins lido9613 23 16
10 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 23 16
The Next 5
Rank Team Owner Wins Lost
11 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 20 19
12 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 19 20
13 New York Yankees ARomano 20 19
14 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 21 18
15 Rochester Broncos coinguy 16 23
The Best of the Rest
Rank Team Owner Wins Lost
16 Colorado Rockies axtell 21 18
17 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 20 19
18 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 16 23
19 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 20 19
20 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 14 25
21 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 21 18
22 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 20 19
23 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 21 18
24 Minnesota Twins optistrat 18 21
25 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 19 20

Stat of the Day

Top 10 1-Run Games
Rank Team Owner 1-Run Pct. W-L
1 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 8-2 0.800 21-18
1 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 8-2 0.800 21-18
3 San Diego Padres jgarron 7-2 0.778 28-11
4 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 9-3 0.750 27-12
5 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb * 5-2 0.714 20-19
6 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 8-4 0.667 25-14
6 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss * 6-3 0.667 21-18
6 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 8-4 0.667 28-11
6 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 * 6-3 0.667 20-19
6 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 9-5 0.643 24-15
The Next 5
Rank Team Owner 1-Run Pct. W-L
11 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 7-5 0.583 20-19
12 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 4-3 0.571 19-20
13 Minnesota Twins optistrat 5-4 0.556 18-21
14 Florida Marlins lido9613 7-6 0.538 23-16
15 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 8-7 0.533 17-22
The Best of the Rest
Rank Team Owner 1-Run Pct. W-L
16 Chicago White Sox kgrffth * 4-4 0.500 23-16
17 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 6-6 0.500 22-17
17 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 7-7 0.500 20-19
20 Rochester Broncos coinguy 5-6 0.455 16-23
21 Anaheim Angels captain10a 9-11 0.450 23-16
22 New York Yankees ARomano * 5-7 0.417 20-19
22 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 5-7 0.417 14-25
24 Colorado Rockies axtell 4-6 0.400 21-18
25 San Francisco Giants wylie715 4-7 0.364 14-25
25 Seattle Mariners toothdoc7 2-4 0.333 6-33
25 St. Louis Cardinals 421werd 4-8 0.333 17-22
25 Houston Astros ajaxx88 3-6 0.333 13-26
25 New York Mets basebalguru 4-8 0.333 24-15
29 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 3-7 0.300 13-26
29 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 3-7 0.300 19-20
31 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 1-9 0.100 16-23
32 Richmond Virginians spintens 0-9 0.000 11-28

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Listed below you will find the McCabe Magazine Owner/Organization of the Year Winner and our Owner Power Rankings. The owner with the most wins at every level at the end of the regular season and bonus points for winning the division and for making the playoffs (wildcard). The Owner with the most points will receive the McCabe Magazine Owner of the Year Award. We here at McCabe Magazine feel that a good owner should maintain a solid farm system and a winning major league ball team. His big league club should be in position to win the division and one or more of the lower level squads should be in position to capture a minor league World Series title. The Owner of the Year should field competitive teams at every level.

Bonus Points and Total Wins 

Each team will receive one point for each win and BONUS POINTS as followed: ML Division Winner 100 points, Wildcard 75, AAA Division Winner 50 points, AAA Wildcard 30, AA Division Winner 40, AA Wildcard 20, High A Division Winner 30, High A Wildcard 15, Low A Division Winner 20, Low A Wildcard 10. Rookie Division Winner 10, and Rookie Wildcard 5.

Note: Tiebreaker total wins.     


Season 21 Robert E. McCabe Owner of the Year is captain10a of the Anaheim Angels. The Angels have a total of 522 organizational wins and 220 playoff bonus points.

Franchise Owner G W L Bonus Pts
Anaheim Angels captain10a ML 95 67 100
Anaheim Angels captain10a AAA 86 58 30
Anaheim Angels captain10a AA 103 41 40
Anaheim Angels captain10a High A 90 54 30
Anaheim Angels captain10a Low A 94 50 10
Anaheim Angels captain10a Rookie 54 22 10
522 292 220
Total 742

The Top 10
Team Owner Total Pts
Anaheim Angels captain10a 742
Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 731
Detroit Tigers patrickkm 694
New York Yankees ARomano 669
Chicago Cubs mitt0109 656
Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 650
Philadelphia Phillies egw19 630
Colorado Rockies axtell 627
Arizona Diamondbacks yoker71 608
Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 565
The Next 5
Team Owner Total Pts
Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 540
Texas Rangers goldenbaer89 525
Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 516
San Francisco Giants wylie716 498
Richmond Virginians spintens 486
The Best of the Rest
Team Owner Total Pts
Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs24 482
New York Mets basebalguru 464
San Diego Padres jgarron 454
Cincinnati Reds cpintens 453
Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker11 441
Chicago White Sox kgrffth 440
St. Louis Cardinals 421werd 440
Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 425
Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 417
Atlanta Braves bigsammich 412
Florida Marlins lido9613 400
Minnesota Twins optistrat 365
Seattle Mariners toothdoc8 337
Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 336
Rochester Broncos coinguy 254
Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 198
Houston Astros ajaxx89 189

Wednesday, August 6, 2014



The Blue Jays over the San Diego Padres 4-3

Miami, FLA (McC) – In a rematch of season 22 fall classic, we here at McCabe Magazine select the Toronto Blue Jays as the World Series Champion for season 23. In this classic rematch, we feel the power hitting Jays will dominate the best pitching staff in baseball the last 10 years. Toronto’s first title in team history will deny San Diego’s back to back championship bid, and its fifth (5) world series title overall.

The Teams and Players
The Blue Jays are stack with power, beginning with former American League MVP Alexei DaSilva (2B), Julio Castro (1B), Wily Correa (RF), and Charlie Morris (LF). This group of sluggers will rule the AL North division and muscle its way to its second American League pennant. The key players for the Padres are all on the pitching staff, starting with Wandy Duran (SP), Chris Breen (SP), Eddie Barber (Setup), and Pedro Manuel (CIA). Most baseball folks we spoke to feel the Padres traded away their best chance to win its fifth World Series title during the off season when they traded away starting pitchers Asdrubal Pelaez (Twins) and Moose Martin (Cubs). Also getting away via Free Agency was 19 game winner Lariel Tarasco (Indians). 

The Pennant Battle
Don’t be surprise to see both Toronto and San Diego win 100 plus games this season. In the AL we pick the Blue Jays to knock off the Los Angeles Dodgers for the pennant. In the NL the battle for the pennant will come down to Chicago Cubs and the Padres. I took my car to a title loan company and received $2500 cash for my car. I then put down $1000 on both Toronto and San Diego to reach the McCabe league championship, so book it!

Playoff Participants 

In the American League the division winners will the Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Royals, and the Anaheim Angels. The National League division winners will be, Padres, Cubs, New York Mets, and the Atlanta Braves. The wildcard winners will be the New York Yankees, Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, and the Colorado Rockies.

Season 23 Predictions

AL North (Season 23) NL North (Season 23)
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 93 69 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 94 68
Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb * 89 73 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 90 72
Chicago White Sox kgrffth 88 74 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 88 74
Minnesota Twins optistrat 79 83 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 79 83
AL East (Season 23) NL East (Season 23)
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 96 66 New York Mets basebalguru 84 78
New York Yankees ARomano * 92 70 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 73 89
Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss * 83 79 Rochester Broncos coinguy 70 92
Washington Nationals Saffron 80 82 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 69 93
AL South (Season 23) NL South (Season 23)
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 82 80 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 91 71
St. Louis Cardinals 421werd 75 87 Florida Marlins lido9613 88 74
Houston Astros ajaxx88 71 91 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 86 76
Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 70 92 Richmond Virginians spintens 80 82
AL West (Season 23) NL West (Season 23)
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Anaheim Angels captain10a 95 67 San Diego Padres jgarron 102 60
Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 94 68 Colorado Rockies axtell 91 71
San Francisco Giants wylie715 81 81 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 * 84 78
Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 76 86 Seattle Mariners toothdoc7 81 81

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


A look at the McCabe League’s best of All-Time


New York, NY (McC) – With season 23 underway, we decided to take a quick look at the McCabe League All-Time career leaders at the major league level. The first item that jumped off the page was the fact that the career batting average leader Tony Cortes, average had dipped to .336, down four (4) points from last year. And, at 36 years of age with one more year left on a 4 year deal, we look for this first ballot Hall of Framer to lose his grip on the BA number one position.
We will also like to mention that the league saw its first 3,000 hitter last year, Bronson Whang (3,048 hits). Whang played his entire career with Anaheim Angels. Also, look for our exclusive one on one interview with Whang later this season.
Career Hits


There was no change at the top (positions 1-4) of the Home Run career list. However, Moose Kennedy (652 HR) replaced Einar Beltran (606 HR) in the spot. Kennedy needs 13 dingers to move pass Denny Johnson (664), and 22 to move pass the third place position holder Jolbert Veras (673). Kennedy is also the RBI King with no visible threats to his number one position.

What can we say about Luther Abercrombie, the first pitcher to win 300 games, and the All-Time wins leader with 339? We look for Abercrombie to hold onto this position for some time. Cedrick Hollins, is simply the best of all time at closing out a game. He is listed as the number one saves leader with 551 saves (641 SVO) with a converging rate of 86% and he is also the ERA King (2.58). Hollins is being chase by Vince Garcia (2.62 ERA), Matt Mauer (2.72), Moose Martin (2.80), and Asdrubal Pelaez (2.83). Hollins is 37 years old with one year left on a 2-year deal he signed in the off-season with Cleveland. Garcia is 33 and still very dominant, we feel Garcia will finish his career easily at the top of this category.   

Thursday, June 26, 2014


TEN QUESTIONS for the defending WORLD CHAMPION'S basebalguru
By Sam “no spell check” Willie

Flushing Meadows, NY (McC) During a recent visit to the Big Apple I ran into the owner and GM of the world champion New York Mets. At 3:15 am while sitting at the bar in an exclusive establishment (Waffle House) I observed the GM of the Mets, basbalguru and season 21 MVP Quinton Bryne stroll in for a late night dinner. I waved them over to join me at the bar, which they did. The owner once labeled “Wicky Wacky” by the New York media for all the trades and tweets started our small talk off by boldly announcing that the Mets will win the National League Pennant this season. I asked him is that a guarantee? He said “YES, most defiantly.”
Here is 10 questions from our sit down.           
1. During a conversation with you earlier this year you told me that the Mets will repeat as the National League champions and you guaranteed it. Please explain to our readers why that will happen. 
Well let me first start that with my deadline deals by acquiring Onan Park once again will solidify my rotation. Dealing for Tom Pridie combined with Kid Priddy is going to shorten the game to my advantage, we want to get it to my bullpen. That’s where the number one closer will be waiting Cedrick Hollins closing. I’m real confidence with those three at the back of the game rotation.

2. As the defending World Series champion who do you feel is the key player for the New York Mets to repeat?
As great of a season Dicky Wilkerson is having, once the deal for Park gets finalized its him and the man sitting next to me. Bryne is not having normal season by his standards. He will have to be better in the playoffs for a repeat. Once Park ends up on my team he will be the anchor for a title run.

3. You have finished in first place every year since taking over the club in season 17. What were some of the strategic moves you made that allowed the Mets to dominate the competition in the NL East? 
Well when i took this team over it was a spry young group and had ALOT of talent on it. I kept most of the core like Bryne, Shawn Bunch, Howie Mordecai up until now, Wilkerson I dealt but got him back So most of the core was here when I got here. I added the veteran experience of Tony Cortes and Hollins.

4. Prior to your arrival the Mets had two winning seasons in its history. When you took over the Mets, what part of the club needed an immediate upgrade? 
I love this question. I feel the biggest impact I had on this team was actually putting the pitching staff in its rightful place. The previous owner had Shawn Bunch and Howie Mordecai in the bullpen. First thing I saw was these guys need to be in a rotation asap. I contacted both of them immediately and told them from day 1 that they were starting pitchers and get in the starting pitching mentality. No more relief duty what so ever again. Season 18 is when I realized that I might have fallen into something special and the bullpen needed to get better if I was going to have Bunch and Mordecai start. I figured 6-7 great innings by each of them and bring in a guy like Kid Priddy to back them up for 2innings. I then got the best closer in the history of the world to come in and make sure we won ballgames

5. The best player ever to play this game in our opinion is 17 year pro Tony Cortes. He is batting a career low 295, are you satisfied with his performance this season, and how many more years do you think he will play?
Cortes isn’t here for the regular season. He helped this team win a world series and he understands his role. He’s not here for awards or all-star games, he’s here to help us win championships. He knows his time to shine is going to be playoff time. We just want him healthy during crunch time. I expect Cortes to finish out his contract in NY and possibly have a coaching role in rookie ball or even a front office position. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Right now he’s focused on a repeat.

6. Please rank the top three clubs you’ve faced this season. 
I don’t know if I have 3 teams, I surely got 2. The Rockies and Padres have been a thorn in my side from season 1. What I did last year, I believe, was get a lot of luck in the playoffs vs the Padres. That is a tough franchise and playing them in a series is just like a prize heavyweight fight. We didn’t win that series, we survived it.

7. Please rank the top three players the Mets have faced this season.
Well Vince Garcia is hands down the best pitcher in this world period. A team should get credit for 2 wins if they beat him, that’s how dominate he is. The Cubs have done some good things this season and Calvin Pote is a complete stud. He jacks bombs to all sides of the park. I’m glad we haven’t faced the third guy cause he plays for us. Bryne is in the top 3 category and I can’t leave him out.

8. Rumor has it after last season’s World Series win you and several front office members were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the famous brothel establishment “Bunny Ranch” in Las Vegas for refusing to pay a $5 surcharge for services rendered. The chargers were later dropped. Is this true, and can you share with us the facts to this story? 
The Bunny Ranch was a big miscommunication. And quite honestly a lot of that night was foggy and I really misremembered the details of it. I can state this, I don’t usually go to the ranches as they are overrated. I prefer to use the craigslist or back page site as it’s much easier and more discreet.

9. If the season ended today, who would get your vote for McCabe League MVP and CY Young?
Wilkerson gets MVP and Garcia gets CY. I wouldn't be bothered if Garcia won MVP cause that’s how damn good he is.
10. How long have you been playing HBD, and what changes would you make to the game?
I have played this game for quite a few years, at least 5-7yrs. There’s a lot I would change about this game, LOL. My top things is to find a way to implement SIM LIVE in HBD. Be able to fire coaches’ midseason. Update the new parks in the game and possibly add a few more new/old ballparks. Parks, fields, stadiums is a big part of what people love about this game.


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Robert E. McCabe League Season 22 Power Rankings

McCabe Magazine Mid-Season Power Rankings

Major League Power Rankings

The power rankings are an average of the following team statistics; Wins, OPS, Runs Scored, ERA, Runs Allowed, and Fielding Percentage. 
Top 10
Rank Team Owner W L
1 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 59 38
2 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 57 40
3 Anaheim Angels captain10a 60 37
4 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 58 39
5 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 57 40
6 New York Mets basebalguru 56 41
7 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 53 44
8 San Diego Padres jgarron 56 41
9 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 56 41
10 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 52 45
The Next 5
Rank Team Owner W L
11 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 51 46
12 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 49 48
13 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 53 44
14 Colorado Rockies axtell 54 43
15 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 46 51
The Best of the Rest
Rank Team Owner W L
16 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 51 46
17 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 45 52
18 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 48 49
19 New York Yankees ARomano 45 52
20 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 44 53
21 Houston Astros ajaxx88 50 47
22 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 47 50
23 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 46 51
24 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 45 52
25 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 46 51

Stat of the Day

Batting Runs Scored 

Rank Team Owner Runs Scored
1 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 595
2 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 585
3 Colorado Rockies axtell 557
4 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 550
5 New York Yankees ARomano 541
6 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 527
7 New York Mets basebalguru 520
8 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 518
9 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 510
10 Houston Astros ajaxx88 508
10 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 508
12 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 507
13 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 502
14 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 494
15 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 489

Pitching Runs Allowed

Rank Team Owner Runs Allowed
1 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 317
2 Anaheim Angels captain10a 379
3 San Diego Padres jgarron 401
4 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 416
4 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 416
6 New York Mets basebalguru 420
7 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 425
8 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 434
9 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 443
10 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 447
11 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 448
12 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 449
13 Seattle Mariners toothdoc7 452
14 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 454
15 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 463