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TEN QUESTIONS for the defending WORLD CHAMPION'S basebalguru
By Sam “no spell check” Willie

Flushing Meadows, NY (McC) During a recent visit to the Big Apple I ran into the owner and GM of the world champion New York Mets. At 3:15 am while sitting at the bar in an exclusive establishment (Waffle House) I observed the GM of the Mets, basbalguru and season 21 MVP Quinton Bryne stroll in for a late night dinner. I waved them over to join me at the bar, which they did. The owner once labeled “Wicky Wacky” by the New York media for all the trades and tweets started our small talk off by boldly announcing that the Mets will win the National League Pennant this season. I asked him is that a guarantee? He said “YES, most defiantly.”
Here is 10 questions from our sit down.           
1. During a conversation with you earlier this year you told me that the Mets will repeat as the National League champions and you guaranteed it. Please explain to our readers why that will happen. 
Well let me first start that with my deadline deals by acquiring Onan Park once again will solidify my rotation. Dealing for Tom Pridie combined with Kid Priddy is going to shorten the game to my advantage, we want to get it to my bullpen. That’s where the number one closer will be waiting Cedrick Hollins closing. I’m real confidence with those three at the back of the game rotation.

2. As the defending World Series champion who do you feel is the key player for the New York Mets to repeat?
As great of a season Dicky Wilkerson is having, once the deal for Park gets finalized its him and the man sitting next to me. Bryne is not having normal season by his standards. He will have to be better in the playoffs for a repeat. Once Park ends up on my team he will be the anchor for a title run.

3. You have finished in first place every year since taking over the club in season 17. What were some of the strategic moves you made that allowed the Mets to dominate the competition in the NL East? 
Well when i took this team over it was a spry young group and had ALOT of talent on it. I kept most of the core like Bryne, Shawn Bunch, Howie Mordecai up until now, Wilkerson I dealt but got him back So most of the core was here when I got here. I added the veteran experience of Tony Cortes and Hollins.

4. Prior to your arrival the Mets had two winning seasons in its history. When you took over the Mets, what part of the club needed an immediate upgrade? 
I love this question. I feel the biggest impact I had on this team was actually putting the pitching staff in its rightful place. The previous owner had Shawn Bunch and Howie Mordecai in the bullpen. First thing I saw was these guys need to be in a rotation asap. I contacted both of them immediately and told them from day 1 that they were starting pitchers and get in the starting pitching mentality. No more relief duty what so ever again. Season 18 is when I realized that I might have fallen into something special and the bullpen needed to get better if I was going to have Bunch and Mordecai start. I figured 6-7 great innings by each of them and bring in a guy like Kid Priddy to back them up for 2innings. I then got the best closer in the history of the world to come in and make sure we won ballgames

5. The best player ever to play this game in our opinion is 17 year pro Tony Cortes. He is batting a career low 295, are you satisfied with his performance this season, and how many more years do you think he will play?
Cortes isn’t here for the regular season. He helped this team win a world series and he understands his role. He’s not here for awards or all-star games, he’s here to help us win championships. He knows his time to shine is going to be playoff time. We just want him healthy during crunch time. I expect Cortes to finish out his contract in NY and possibly have a coaching role in rookie ball or even a front office position. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Right now he’s focused on a repeat.

6. Please rank the top three clubs you’ve faced this season. 
I don’t know if I have 3 teams, I surely got 2. The Rockies and Padres have been a thorn in my side from season 1. What I did last year, I believe, was get a lot of luck in the playoffs vs the Padres. That is a tough franchise and playing them in a series is just like a prize heavyweight fight. We didn’t win that series, we survived it.

7. Please rank the top three players the Mets have faced this season.
Well Vince Garcia is hands down the best pitcher in this world period. A team should get credit for 2 wins if they beat him, that’s how dominate he is. The Cubs have done some good things this season and Calvin Pote is a complete stud. He jacks bombs to all sides of the park. I’m glad we haven’t faced the third guy cause he plays for us. Bryne is in the top 3 category and I can’t leave him out.

8. Rumor has it after last season’s World Series win you and several front office members were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct at the famous brothel establishment “Bunny Ranch” in Las Vegas for refusing to pay a $5 surcharge for services rendered. The chargers were later dropped. Is this true, and can you share with us the facts to this story? 
The Bunny Ranch was a big miscommunication. And quite honestly a lot of that night was foggy and I really misremembered the details of it. I can state this, I don’t usually go to the ranches as they are overrated. I prefer to use the craigslist or back page site as it’s much easier and more discreet.

9. If the season ended today, who would get your vote for McCabe League MVP and CY Young?
Wilkerson gets MVP and Garcia gets CY. I wouldn't be bothered if Garcia won MVP cause that’s how damn good he is.
10. How long have you been playing HBD, and what changes would you make to the game?
I have played this game for quite a few years, at least 5-7yrs. There’s a lot I would change about this game, LOL. My top things is to find a way to implement SIM LIVE in HBD. Be able to fire coaches’ midseason. Update the new parks in the game and possibly add a few more new/old ballparks. Parks, fields, stadiums is a big part of what people love about this game.


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Robert E. McCabe League Season 22 Power Rankings

McCabe Magazine Mid-Season Power Rankings

Major League Power Rankings

The power rankings are an average of the following team statistics; Wins, OPS, Runs Scored, ERA, Runs Allowed, and Fielding Percentage. 
Top 10
Rank Team Owner W L
1 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 59 38
2 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 57 40
3 Anaheim Angels captain10a 60 37
4 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 58 39
5 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 57 40
6 New York Mets basebalguru 56 41
7 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 53 44
8 San Diego Padres jgarron 56 41
9 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 56 41
10 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 52 45
The Next 5
Rank Team Owner W L
11 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 51 46
12 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 49 48
13 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 53 44
14 Colorado Rockies axtell 54 43
15 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 46 51
The Best of the Rest
Rank Team Owner W L
16 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 51 46
17 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 45 52
18 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 48 49
19 New York Yankees ARomano 45 52
20 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 44 53
21 Houston Astros ajaxx88 50 47
22 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 47 50
23 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 46 51
24 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 45 52
25 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 46 51

Stat of the Day

Batting Runs Scored 

Rank Team Owner Runs Scored
1 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 595
2 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 585
3 Colorado Rockies axtell 557
4 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 550
5 New York Yankees ARomano 541
6 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 527
7 New York Mets basebalguru 520
8 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 518
9 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 510
10 Houston Astros ajaxx88 508
10 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 508
12 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 507
13 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 502
14 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 494
15 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 489

Pitching Runs Allowed

Rank Team Owner Runs Allowed
1 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 317
2 Anaheim Angels captain10a 379
3 San Diego Padres jgarron 401
4 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 416
4 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 416
6 New York Mets basebalguru 420
7 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 425
8 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 434
9 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 443
10 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 447
11 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 448
12 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 449
13 Seattle Mariners toothdoc7 452
14 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 454
15 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 463

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The Baltimore Orioles wins the World Series 4-3 over the New York Mets

Cincinnati, OH (McC) The team here at McCabe Magazine have finally completed this years baseball preview issue. We would like to thank all the contributors and front office folks that help make this years publication come to life. we spent the entire off season looks at the 40-man rosters of each major league team and their minor league prospects. This years season previews were not as easy as past seasons however, we finally agreed that the best club from top to bottom was the Baltimore Orioles.

The Playoff Teams

The Orioles have an All-Decade selection, Diego Hernandez  in centerfield, arguably the best centerfielder to ever play the game. 4-time All-Star Santos Martin (P), Sliver-Slugger award winner Kris Guerrero at shortstop, former Cy Young award winner Matt Sandberg (P), and first ballot Hall of Famer George Brantley at third-base. This team is loaded and should easily win the American League East by 10 games over the New York Yankees. The Orioles will knock off the Toronto Blue Jays in the league championship 4 games to 2.

In the senior circuit it came down to the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets. we decided to go with the New York Mets to defend their World Series title. What can we say about this roster that hasn't been said before? The roster includes season's 21 National league Most Valuable Player, Quinton Bryne (2B), first ballot Hall of Famer and 8 time MVP Tony Cortes (LF), 9 time All-Star Steven Starr (CF), Shawn Bunch (P) who has 91 wins in 4 major league seasons, and setup man Kid Priddy with 61 or more appearances the last 4 years.

The division winners in the AL will be the Orioles, Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. NL division winners the Mets, Padres, Atlanta Braves, and the Chicago Cubs. Wildcard teams in the AL will be the New York Yankees and the Anaheim Angels. NL wildcard winners, Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Award Winners

National League MVP

Quinton Bryne
New York
Age: 27B/T: R/R
Born: Robstown, TX
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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 American League MVP

Alexei DaSilva
Blue Jays
Age: 26B/T: S/R
Born: Juarez, MX
Position(s): 2B/3B/SS/OF
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

National League Cy Young

Moose Martin
San Diego
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Scottsdale, AZ
Position(s): P (P)
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American League Cy Young

Santos Martin
Age: 29B/T: R/R
Born: S Charleston, OH
Position(s): P (SP5)
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Note: For our Rookie of the Year selections, please see our first issue of the year "Spring Training Wrap-Up"

Season 22 Final Standings

ML AL North 
ML NL North
Owner W L
Owner W L
Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 99 63 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 96 66
Chicago White Sox kgrffth 87 75 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 84 78
Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb * 84 78 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 73 89
Minnesota Twins optistrat 68 94 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 69 93
ML AL East  ML NL East 
Owner W L
Owner W L
Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 101 61 New York Mets basebalguru 94 68
New York Yankees ARomano * 91 71 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 82 80
Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss * 82 80 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 76 86
Washington Nationals Saffron 79 83 Rochester Broncos coinguy 63 99
ML AL South  ML NL South 
Owner W L
Owner W L
Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 86 76 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 90 72
Houston Astros ajaxx88 84 78 Florida Marlins lido9613 86 76
Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 74 88 Richmond Virginians spintens 81 81
St. Louis Cardinals 421werd 73 89 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 77 85
ML AL West  ML NL West 
Owner W L
Owner W L
Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 92 70 San Diego Padres jgarron 108 54
Anaheim Angels captain10a 88 74 Colorado Rockies axtell 90 72
Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 82 80 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 * 89 73
San Francisco Giants wylie715 72 90 Seattle Mariners toothdoc7 80 82

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Spring Training Report

Season 22 Spring Training Wrap Up

Castus League Grapefruit League
Franchise Owner W L Franchise Owner W L
Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 13 5 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 12 6
Houston Astros ajaxx88 13 5 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 12 6
Minnesota Twins optistrat 12 6 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 11 7
San Francisco Giants wylie715 12 6 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker10 7 11
Anaheim Angels captain10a 11 7 Seattle Mariners toothdoc7 8 10
New York Yankees ARomano 11 7 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 10 8
Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 9 9 Richmond Virginians spintens 10 8
Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 9 9 Florida Marlins lido9613 8 10
St. Louis Cardinals 421werd 9 9 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 9 9
Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 8 10 San Diego Padres jgarron 8 10
Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 8 10 Rochester Broncos coinguy 6 12
Washington D.C. Saffron 8 10 Colorado Rockies axtell 9 9
Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 7 11 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 8 10
Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 7 11 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 8 10
Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 6 12 Chicago Cubs mitt0108 9 9
Chicago White Sox kgrffth 5 13 New York Mets basebalguru 5 13

Rookie Talent to keep an Eye On. 

Here is our group of rookies that made the big club's roster out of spring training. We feel this crop of young talent will have a significant impact in season 22. While doing our research we found a 33 year-old rookie, who has been a pro for 14 years finally getting his chance on the big stage. His name is Jose Gonzalez, (P) a long-reliever on the Cincinnati Reds major league pitching staff. During his 14 year pro career he has a total of 17 appearances in the big leagues, 27.1 IP, a 9.22 ERA in season 18 with the Toronto Blue Jays. His minor league stats; 441 appearances, 241 starts, 1597.2 IP, 1532 SO, 1.35 Whip, and a 4.12 ERA. We wish him good luck.

McCabe Magazine's Top 10 Rookies

Adam Bradford
Age: 22B/T: R/R
Born: Fairview, MT
Position(s): P (SP1)
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1. This former first round draft pick is our pick to win the American League season 22 Rookie of the Year award. Bradford as a rookie has been installed as the Angels ace of the staff has four major league pitches and should win a minimal of 16 games.

Raymond Wall
Washington D.C.
Age: 21B/T: L/R
Born: Sciota, IL
Position(s): 3B/1B/COF/DH
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2. Raymond Wall is our choice for ROY runner-up. Some say this 3 year pro was rushed along through the minor league system, and we feel they might be right after looking at his first 18 at bats (1-18). However, look for this rookie to heat up in the second half of the season and finish with 20 homers, and a 285 BA.

Kazuya Gong
San Diego
Age: 23B/T: L/L
Born: Otsuki, JP
Position(s): LF
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

3. Kazuya Gong is a season 17 International Free Agent who signed for $14.7 M, and in our opinion was money well spent. Gong is listed as a rookie with 121 games played in season 21 with a 302 BA and an amazing 70 stolen bases and 5 caught stealing. He can play all 3 outfield positions as well, playing 46 games last year in LF, 10 in CF, and 57 in RF. He is McCabe Magazine's choice to win the National League ROY award.

Achilles O'Keefe
Tampa Bay
Age: 23B/T: R/R
Born: Los Angeles, CA
Position(s): P (SP4)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

4. Starting Tampa Bay pitcher Achilles O'Keefe is ranked fourth on our list. During spring training, O'Keefe appeared in 5 games (20.2 IP) going 2-0 with an 1.21 Whip and 0.87 ERA.

Brian White
Age: 21B/T: L/R
Born: HSenectady, NY
Position(s): CF
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5. Brian White (CF), Richmond Virginians is listed 5th on our list. A draft pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates in season 19 has been traded twice since that time. He played season 19 in the Pirates organization, seasons 20 and 21 with the San Francisco Giants. Season 21 AAA stats; 104 runs scored, 18 HR, 98 RBI, 284 BA, and 12-2 SB.

Julio Colome
Age: 21B/T: R/R
Born: Boca Chica, DO
Position(s): SS/IF/OF/DH
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6. Another 3 year pro getting a chance on the the big stage to show he belongs. A San Diego IFA signing in season 19 and traded during season 20 to the Rangers. He has gotten off to a blazing start with 11 hits in his first 21 at bats (524 BA) and a 1.259 OPS.

Santos Rodriguez
Age: 23B/T: R/R
Born: Haverhill, MA
Position(s): P (SP3)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

7. Santos Rodriguez is a starting rookie pitcher for the Richmond Virginians that throws a major league 4-seam fastball, and cutter. His change-up is rated above average, and the curve is a work in progress. This former 1st round draft pick started 22 games in season 21 going 9-6 with a 2.95 ERA.

Ron Gutierrez
New York
Age: 21B/T: L/L
Born: Waynesville, NC
Position(s): 3B/1B/COF/DH
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8. The Yankees management doesn't see the same talent we see in Gutierrez. He has played in 2 games this season with 0 AB, 1 SB, and 1 CS. Minor league stats; 1392 AB, 345 Runs, 324 BA, and a 962 OPS.

Walter Papelbon
White Sox
Age: 22B/T: L/L
Born: Chester, NJ
Position(s): P (SP3)
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9. This big lefty is a 6'7" power forward pitching in the White Sox rotation was a 1st round selection in season 18. Papelbon is from Chester, New Jersey and had scholarship offers to play D1 basketball at St John, Rutgers, Cincinnati, and South Florida. He won his first start and should go 14-10 in his rookie season.

Terrence Patterson
Washington D.C.
Age: 23B/T: S/L
Born: Coleman, MI
Position(s): P (SuA)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

10. Patterson is a future closer with a wicket 4-seam fastball which the big boys are having trouble locating. He has appeared in 4 games this season with a 2.45 ERA.

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Listed below you will find the McCabe Magazine Owner/Organization of the Year Winner and our Owner Power Rankings. The owner with the highest winning percentage at every level at the end of the regular season and bonus points for winning the division and for making the playoffs (wildcard). The Owner with the most points will receive the McCabe Magazine Owner of the Year Award. We here at McCabe Magazine feel that a good owner should maintain a solid farm system and a winning major league ball team. His big league club should be in position to win the division and one or more of the lower level squads should be in position to capture a minor league World Series title. The Owner of the Year should field competitive teams at every level.

Bonus Points and Winning Percentages 

The Power Rankings are a combine total of each teams (RL, Low A, High A, AA, AAA, ML) winning percentage. Each team will receive one point for each win and BONUS POINTS as followed: ML Division Winner 100 points, Wildcard 75, AAA Division Winner 50 points, AAA Wildcard 30, AA Division Winner 40, AA Wildcard 20, High A Division Winner 30, High A Wildcard 15, Low A Division Winner 20, Low A Wildcard 10. Rookie Division Winner 10, and Rookie Wildcard 5.

Note: Tiebreaker total wins.     


Season 21 Robert E. McCabe Owner of the Year is egw18 of the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies have a total of 530 organizational wins and 225 playoff bonus points.

 Philadelphia Phillies Organization
Organization  Owner Level Wins Bonus Points
Philadelphia Phillies egw18 ML 98 75
Philadelphia Phillies egw18 AAA 86 50
Philadelphia Phillies egw18 AA 97 40
Philadelphia Phillies egw18 High A 91 30
Philadelphia Phillies egw18 Low A 105 20
Philadelphia Phillies egw18 Rookie 53 10
Philadelphia Phillies egw19 530 225
Philadelphia Phillies egw20 Total 755

Top 10
Rank Organization  Owner Total Points
1 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 755
2 Anaheim Angels captain10a 693
3 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 658
4 New York Yankees ARomano 647
5 Richmond Virginians sylemark 643
6 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 642
7 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 627
8 Chicago Cubs mitt0110 620
9 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker72 594
10 St. Louis Cardinals 421werd 579
The next 5
Rank Organization  Owner Total Points
11 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 576
12 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 544
13 Colorado Rockies axtell 534
14 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 516
15 San Francisco Giants wylie717 513
The Rest
Rank Organization  Owner Total Points
16 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 495
17 Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 485
18 New York Mets basebalguru 453
19 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 440
20 Florida Marlins lido9615 431
21 Pittsburgh Pirates nbaker12 424
22 San Diego Padres jgarron 423
23 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 418
24 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte 413
25 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs25 411
26 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 387
27 Seattle Mariners toothdoc9 381
28 Minnesota Twins optistrat 350
29 Texas Rangers goldenbaer90 336
30 Rochester Broncos coinguy 229
31 Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 224
32 Houston Astros ajaxx88 203