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COLORADO ROCKIES go down in 7 games Angels win The ROBERT E McCABE TROPHY

Cleveland, OH (McC) The Anaheim Angels have finished the regular season with the best record in baseball the last two seasons (24, 25), and finished with the second best record in seasons 22 and 23, winning the World Series in 23. The Angels pitching staff is the best we’ve seen since seasons 20 and 21 San Diego Padres, which had 3 twenty (20) game winners and 1 fifteen (15) in each season. The ace of Anaheim’s staff is 9 time CY Young award winner Vince Garcia. He lacks velocity however he has a curveball, 4-seam fastball, and a slider that he works the strike zone with precision control. Garcia has a career 2.50 ERA in his 14 year major league career amassing 523 starts. Adam Bradford is the number 2 starter on the staff. This 26 year-old out of Fairview, Montana and former 1st round selection has a career 2.66 ERA in 4 major league seasons in 137 starts. Filling out the rotation is Toby Greinke (15-7) and Shea Cross (14-12). Players to watch are Diego Albaladejo (LF), Terry Bonds (RF), and Angel Rosado (2B).

The Rockies Battering RAM

The Rockies won the National League West last year for the first time in team history, finishing second in the division in seasons 23 and 24. The Rockies pack a hell of a punch with the sticks, scoring the most runs in baseball the past 6 seasons. They are led by season 25 MVP Hersh Mays (47 HR, 120 RBI, 379 BA, 1.185 OPS), Rookie of the Year Johnny Diaz (43 HR, 139 RBI, 316 BA, 944 OPS), Luis Mesa (61 HR, 145 RBI, 289 BA, 1.009 OPS) Clarence Carver (46 HR, 135 RBI, 310 BA, 981 OPS), and Eddie Turner (38 HR, 105 RBI, 318 BA, 971 OPS). All five noted players were season 25 All-Stars and in our expert opinion will carry them to their first National League Pennant. Colorado’s pitching staff had a team ERA of 5.53 at home, 4.17 on the road, for a combined 4.87 enough said.

McCabe Predictions

The Angels knockoff the Toronto Blue Jays to win the American League Pennant and the Rockies take down the San Diego Padres for the National League Pennant. The AL division winners will be Toronto, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, and the Angels. In the NL we like the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, and the Padres. Our Wildcard winners are Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Rockies, and the Chicago Cubs.

Season 26 Final Standings   

ML AL North  ML NL North
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Toronto Blue Jay dimestoregin 101 61 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 93 69
Chicago Sox kgrffth 89 73 Chicago Cubs carseneau 88 74
Minnesota Twins optistrat 88 74 Cleveland Indians Fantasy F  87 75
Milwaukee  brentcnb  75 87 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 81 81
ML AL East  ML NL East 
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
NY Yankees ARomano 91 71 Pittsburgh Pirates sportbanker 92 70
Washington  Saffron 90 72 Rochester Broncos coinguy 86 76
Baltimore Orioles bourboncask 76 86 Philadelphia Phillies egw18 84 78
Boston Red Sox pat007ohmss 74 88 New York Mets basebalguru 80 82
ML AL South  ML NL South
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Houston Astros mitt0108 96 66 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 91 71
Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 85 77 Florida Marlins lido9613 82 80
St. L Cardinals slurie2001 78 84 Richmond Virginians spintens 79 83
KC Royals TenaciousTYT 73 89 Tampa Bay Rays rsskfs23 75 87
ML AL West  ML NL West
Team Owner W L Team Owner W L
Anaheim Angels captain10a 110 52 San Diego Padres jgarron 90 72
LA Dodgers Arte 98 64 Colorado Rockies axtell 89 73
Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 83 79 Arizona D-Backs yoker70 74 88
SF Giants wylie715 77 85 Seattle Mariners mark3313  71 91

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