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Cincinnati, Oh (McC.com) – Welcome to season 28 of the Robert E McCabe baseball league. We here at McCabe magazine look forward to another exciting and action-packed season. However, before we unveil our season 28 Preseason Power Rankings, we would like to express our disappointment with the Hall of Fame voters who failed to recognize the career achievements of Steven Starr and Felipe Lopez

During Steven Starr’s 15 year major league career he was a League MVP, 2 World Series Rings, 9 time all-star, 5 time Silver slugger award winner, and a three-time Gold Glove award winner. The case for Lopez is much of the same. He is a two-time Cy Young Award winner, 8 time all-star, and he is number five on the career all-time strikeout list  with 3296 Ks. 

Both players finished with 16 votes, one vote short of being elected to the Hall of Fame. We only hope the members of the Hall of Fame voting community see the error of their ways, and get the vote out and get these players elected in season 29. 


McCabe Magazine
Preseason Top 20 
Rank Franchise Owner Votes 1st Place Votes
1 Houston Astros runnrun 105 63
2 Anaheim Angels captain10a 97 22
3 San Diego Padres jgarron  95 17
4 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 81 13
5 Los Angeles Dodgers Arte  73 5
6 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 65 6
7 Richmond Virginians spintens 57 2
8 Oakland Athletics jefepwnzer 55 1
9 Minnesota Twins optistrat 53 2
10 New York Yankees ARomano 49 5
11 Chicago Cubs hawkeye1343 48 0
12 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 47 0
13 Florida Marlins lido9613 43 0
14 Pittsburgh Pirates sportbanker 41 0
15 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Frea 40 0
16 San Francisco Giants wylie715 35 1
17 Atlanta Braves bigsammich 33 0
18 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 31 0
19 Chicago White Sox kgrffth 29 1
20 Colorado Rockies axtell  26 3



·       *Louis James moves into the 4th position on the all-time career batting average list with a 330 BA, bumping John Burke down to number 5th.            
·       *There was no change in the top 5 career Homerun list.
·      * Homer Henry moved into the top five at number 4 in career hits with 2770. Henry also moved into the top five in RBIs at 4 with 1796. 
·       *There was no change in the career wins list however Vince Garcia went 24-7 in season 27 closing the gap between him (347) and the number one man on the career wins list Luther Abercrombie (355 wins). We look for Garcia to set the wins total record sometime before the All Star break.
·       *There was no change in the top five career Earn Run Average.  
·       *We have a new leader in the all time save category. Glenn Watkins recorded 43 saves in season 27 for the Los Angeles Dodgers and took over sole possession of the top spot on the all-time saves list.      
·       *In the all time career strikeout leaders top five Vince Garcia moved up two spots to the number three position with 3374 strikeouts. He is 271 strikeouts behind the number 2 pitcher on the list Onan Park (3645) and a whopping 1075 strikeouts behind  the strikeout King Luther Abercrombie (4449). 

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