Friday, August 24, 2012



The Robert E. McCabe Magazine announces its season 16 predictions and post season winners. The Seattle Mariners (96-66) will win the World Series 4 games to 2 over the Oakland Athletics (91-71). In the National League we pick the Mariners to win the pennant in a seven game series over the Richmond Virginians (94-68). The American League banner will be won by the Oakland Athletics knocking off the Boston Red Sox (95-67) and repeating as American League Champions. Our post season MVP will be Mariners second basemen Jose Moreno.

According to the experts here at McCabe the division winners in the AL will be Minnesota Twins, Washington D.C. Nationals, Texas Rangers, and the Oakland Athletics. Wildcard winners will be Boston and the San Francisco Giants. The National League division winners will be the Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Richmond Virginians, and Seattle. Our NL wildcard teams are the San Diego Padres and the Atlanta Braves.

Listed below you will find our McCabe Magazines panel of experts Season 16 divisional predictions. We look forward to another great season. Good luck to all, 


American League National League
AL North W-L NL North W-L
Minnesota 90-72 Detroit 89-73
Toronto 89-73 Cleveland 81-81
Milwaukee 86-76 Cincinnati 79-83
Chicago 70-92 Chicago 71-91
AL East W-L NL East W-L
Washington D.C. 97-65 Pittsburgh 90-72
Boston 95-67 Rochester 85-77
New York 88-74 New York 82-80
Baltimore 72-90 Philadelphia 77-85
AL South W-L NL South W-L
Texas 86-76 Richmond 94-68
Kansas City 82-80 Atlanta 89-73
St. Louis 75-87 Florida 88-74
Houston 71-91 Tampa Bay 65-97
AL West  W-L NL West W-L
Oakland 91-71 Seattle 96-66
San Francisco 90-72 San Diego 95-67
Anaheim 71-91 Colorado 89-73
Los Angeles 70-92 Arizona 82-80

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