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The Hit King Debate

Chicago, ILL (McC) – Bronson Whang, with 3,048 major league career hits, McCabe Magazine has here by proclaim him the “McCABE LEAGUE HIT KING.” He is not only our Hit KING, but the best hitter all-time. That last statement, (best of all-time) has caused a major disturbance within McCabe Magazine’s editor’s office. I was attacked by a number of our columnist who point to the fact that Whang has one All-Star appearance and one World Series Ring. They also debated the careers of Hall of Famers Hulk Kingland (Home Run King 678), Placido Ortiz (8-time all-star, 3 time MVP, .335 career BA), Apollo Stanifer (5-time all-star, 2796 hits), Julian Alvarez (677 HR), Rick Ward (8-time all-star) and Denny Johnson (664 HR, .312 career BA). I also received a number of complaints from a small group of misinformed writes, who contemplate a pitcher can be titled “best of all-time,” that assembly of writers threw out the following list of hurlers, Luther Abercrombie (all-time wins king 339, all-time strikeout king 4,333), Cedrick Hollins (HOF, all-time saves 551 and 2.58 ERA king), Skeeter Brown (HOF, 525 saves), and Vince Garcia (complete game king 133, shutout king 43). That said, I reminded them of the statement “best hitter of all-time.”  

After a 10 hour conversation regarding my suggested headline, as senior editor I tabled the discussion and moved forward with my initial proclamation, Tony Cortes (8-time MVP, .336 career BA ), is the “Best of All-Time” oops! I meant to say Bronson Whang is the “Best Hitter of All-Time.”

The Career and Stats    

Let’s take a look at the career of Whang. I can’t believe in this day and time that Whang has played his entire 20-year career (17 ML), with the same organization, the Anaheim Angels, and the same owner captain10a. Whang signed a $6.5 million bonus in season 3 as an international free agent out of Kyoto, Japan and was assigned to the Angels Low-A club where he met his lifelong friend and teammate Midre Cruz (2154 Hits, 406 HR, 1298 RBI). He was also an IFA signee assigned to the Angels Low-A club (93-51) in season 3 and won a Major League World Series Ring with the Angels and Whang in season 10. Cruz spent his 18 year career, 13 in the majors, with 4 different organizations, 12 with the Angels, 2 with the San Francisco Giants, 2 with the Kansas City Royals, and 1 with the Rochester Broncos. Whang spent his first 2 and 1/2 pro-years in the minors where he batted .325 and collect 377 hits, and was quickly promoted during season 5 to the major league club. That year in played in 100 games accumulating 107 hits, and 25 home runs. His breakout year was in season 7 when he hit 49 HR with 129 RBIs. From season 8 to season 21 he average the following; 176 Hits, 35 Home Runs, 104 RBIs and 159 games played. Whang is presently a 38 year-old unsigned free agent hoping to catch on with a club looking for help at the designated hitter position and spot starter at first-base. Cruz and Whang have kept in touch over the years and spend their winters waiting by the phone, fly fishing in South American, and hunting Sasquatch in the Great Northwest.   

I must be honest at this point, after reviewing all the great players in our league, naming anyone the best of all-time is quite a stretch, but one thing is for sure, Bronson Whang is the ALL-TIME HIT KING! 

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