Wednesday, April 20, 2016

McCabe Magazines Season 29 Preview


Welcome to Season 29 Predictions

Toronto, CA ( – Welcome to another exciting season in the Robert E McCabe world of professional baseball. We here at McCabe Magazine are ready to divulge the season 29 World Series Champions and our season 29 award winners however, before we unveil our predictions, we would like to remind everyone that this is the 9th year of the third decade of the McCabe baseball league. We are asking all our readers to help us celebrate three decades in the league with your suggestions and ideas, any help with the 30 year anniversary will be greatly appreciated. 

This year we decided to honor last year’s World Series champs, the Toronto Blue Jays by unveiling our season 29 predictions from downtown Toronto. We have a suite here in the Trump Hotel at 325 Bay St., and for some odd reason there are several protesters outside requesting that the hotel be removed from downtown Toronto and return to the United States. The protesters were shouting "DEPORT NOW, DEPORT NOW." The protesters wanted the hotel removed and deported out of the country. They wanted the building itself deported because it was an illegal immigrant, and profiting off of the Canadian citizens. I was able to speak to one of the protesters that explain to me that the Trump Hotel’s owner was not a legal citizen of Canada therefore making the Hotels existence in the country illegal, and it should be dismantled and deported. The only thing I had to say was “thank God I don’t live in Canada; you guys take your politics way too serious”

World Series Winners and Awards

First and foremost I would like to thank all of the staff here at McCabe Magazine and the beat writers who put in hundreds of hours helping us complete this year’s prognostications.  

Last year we saw the Florida Marlins lose to the Toronto Blue Jays, 4 games to 1 in the fall classic. This year our panel of experts feel the offensive fire power of season 27 MVP Don Fujikawa (SS), Enerio Medrano (SS), Chris Daly (RF), and Pete Philips (CF) will carry the Marlins to the season 29 World Championship! This would be the Marlins 1st championship since going, back to back to back championships in seasons 5, 6, and 7. It's been 22 years, and the wait is over. The Marlins opponent will be Houston Astros. There is no team in the major leagues that have more talent, top to bottom than the Astros.  They have 10 – 11 potential All-Stars, with  Pascual Fuentes (LF) Juan Benitez (SS) Juan Benitez (2B) and  Pedro Rodrigo (P) leading that 100 win squad.   The division winners in the American League will be Toronto, Washington Nationals, Houston, and the Los Dodgers. In the National League the division winners will be the Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida, and the San Diego Padres. Wildcard teams will be the Texas Rangers, Anaheim Angels, Cincinnati Reds, and the Richmond Virginians.

McCabe Magazine Preseason Award Winners

Season 29 Most Valuable Player

Jose Colon
Jose Colon
Los Angeles
Age: 33B/T: L/L
Born: Chiriqui, PA
Position(s): 1B/DH
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Season 29 stats; 54 Home Runs, 127 RBIs, 305 BA, 1.167 OPS

Cy Young Award Winner

Alberto Silva
Alberto Silva
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Yamasa, DO
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Season 29 stats; 20-6, 2.65 ERA, 1.15 WHIP

Rookie of the Year

Damian Okajima
Damian Okajima
Age: 23B/T: R/R
Born: Howards Grove, WI
Position(s): 2B/1B/LF/DH
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Season 29 stats; 30 Home Runs, 107 RBIs, 301 BA, 1.025 OPS

Fireman of the Year

Pedro Manuel
Pedro Manuel
San Diego
Age: 32B/T: R/R
Born: Los Teques, VE
Position(s): P (ClA)
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Season 29 stats; 49 Saves, 1.25 ERA, 0.97 WHIP

Season 29 Final Standings 
AL North W L NL North W L
Toronto Blue Jays 98 64 Cleveland Indians 95 67
Minnesota Twins 91 71 Cincinnati Reds 94 68
Milwaukee Brewers 80 82 Chicago Cubs 89 73
Chicago White Sox 78 84 Detroit Tigers 70 92
AL East W L NL East W L
Washington Nationals 100 62 Pittsburgh Pirates 88 74
New York Yankees 90 72 New York Mets 82 80
Boston Red Sox 69 93 Rochester Broncos 68 94
Baltimore Orioles 68 94 Philadelphia Phillies 66 96
AL South W L NL South W L
Houston Astros 105 57 Florida Marlins 97 65
Texas Rangers 98 64 Richmond Virginians 93 68
St. Louis Cardinals 89 73 Atlanta Braves 77 85
Kansas City Royals 79 83 Tampa Bay Rays 66 98
AL West W L NL West W L
Los Angeles Dodgers 96 66 San Diego Padres 101 61
Anaheim Angels 95 67 Arizona Diamondbacks 76 86
Oakland Athletics 86 76 Seattle Mariners 70 92
San Francisco Giants 79 83 Colorado Rockies 69 93

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