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CINCINNATI, OH (McC.COM) - Listed below are the first Power Rankings of season 31. The rankings are a statistical combination of the following team stats; Wins, Runs scored, OPS, WHIP, ERA, and Fielding Percentage.
TOP 10
Owner W L
1 St. Louis Cardinals slurie2001 56 25
2 Cincinnati Reds cpintens 48 33
3 Washington D.C. Nationals Saffron 50 30
4 Atlanta Braves merott 51 30
5 Houston Astros bballer2117 52 28
6 Milwaukee Brewers brentcnb 45 36
7 San Diego Padres jgarron 49 32
8 Arizona Diamondbacks yoker70 42 38
9 Minnesota Twins optistrat 44 36
10 Baltimore Orioles GuerillaZen1 43 37
Owner W L
11 New York Yankees tomcecil 49 32
12 Cleveland Indians bbwinksdaddy 46 35
13 Oakland Athletics troutis 40 40
14 Seattle Mariners mark3313 42 39
15 Kansas City Royals TenaciousTYT 44 37
Owner W L
16 New York Mets basebalguru 41 39
17 Toronto Blue Jays dimestoregin 39 42
18 Detroit Tigers patrickkm 40 41
19 Richmond Virginians spintens 38 42
20 Florida Marlins lido9613 38 42
21 Pittsburgh Pirates sportbanker 33 47
22 Texas Rangers goldenbaer88 30 50
23 Anaheim Angels captain10a 36 44
24 Chicago Cubs mikemiele 40 40
25 Colorado Rockies axtell 37 43


Clarence Finley
Clarence Finley
Age: 38B/T: L/L
Born: Vancouver, BC
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
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Clarence Finley is the McCabe Magazine “Where Are They Now” featured player, the first overall amateur draft pick of the Arizona Diamondbacks in season 10 which completed the first decade of the league. Finley had an outstanding 20 year pro and 15 year major league career where he collected numerous awards which included 1 MVP, 1 World Series ring, 5 Silver Slugger (CF) awards, 3 All-Stars, and 2 Gold Gloves (CF). He spent his first 16 years in the Diamondbacks organization and the last four with the Boston Red Sox.

Finley now 40 retired after season 29, and in his view, with a lot of juice left. In his final season in Boston at the age of 38, he played in 142 games with 543 at bats, 17 Home Runs, 85 RBIs and a 304 batting average. He left Boston in season 30 via free agency and wasn’t offered a contract by any club and decided to retire. 

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia and grew up in Blaine, Washington which is a 1 hour 22 minute drive down the Trans-Canadian highway where he went to high school with his younger brother Ivan James Finley. Clarence's dad was a huge Seattle Mariners fan and named Clarence’s younger brother after Ivan James a Mariners All-Star first baseman who played eight seasons (1-8) for Seattle. Ivan J. Finley still lives in Blaine where he’s the high school baseball and hockey coach.

We found Clarence on his 150 acre estate located on Banks Island in British Columbia. He also own homes in Arizona and North Carolina, but prefers Canada’s westernmost province, defined by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges. Finley says he loves nature areas like Glacier National Park where he enjoys hiking and riding the bike trails, as well as camping. His estate has a nine-hole golf course, two Olympic size swimming pools, one indoor one outdoor, batting cage, and a bowling alley. On the northern banks he has a permanent lift-up boat dock where he stores his 89 foot 27 M 2003 Gulet sailboat. The retired player brags about his investments he’s made during the course of his baseball career, “I was the first major investor in the snoring device Zyppah, the liquid sealant Flex Seal, and the Bosley hair loss system.” Finely also has a charitable foundation in Vancouver and a scholarship program at the University of  British Columbia where he met his present live-in girlfriend, Rebecca Victoria Hardy. The 27-year-old from Mannheim was named Canada’s Next Top Model in 2007. After an hour ride on a golf cart throughout his estate and snacking on Northwest Pacific salmon, we sat down on the back patio with a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir to catch up on the latest news with the retired slugger. Finley told us he and Ms Hardy have been living together for six years and they both enjoy the outdoors and the night life in Vancouver. Finley “I have picked up 18 pounds since retirement, the dining in downtown Vancouver is absolutely fantastic.” He says he’s been offered several television and radio play-by-play jobs and he has a contract on his desk for a reality TV series featuring himself and Rebecca. “I’m not sure if that’s something I really want to do.” We asked Finley about a story in the Seattle Times that reported him attempting to buy The Vancouver Canadians, a minor league baseball team that plays in the Northwest League an affiliated of the Toronto Blue Jays. The story indicated that Finley would buy the club under one condition that he be allowed to be a player/manager for the club. However, after receiving the terms and structure of the deal, the Northwest League commissioner vetoed the sale. We quickly realized that was a sore subject with Finley, he became visually upset and shouted “ DAMN RIGHT I CAN STILL PLAY, what the hell you guys come all the way up here for anyway, I’ve only been retired 18 months. Get off my f***king property and stop taking pictures of my woman, your magazine ain’t nothing but a gossip rage anyway.” Rebecca was able to calm Finley down and he apologized for his behavior. However, later that evening I overheard her telling Finley she felt uncomfortable around the crew due to our inappropriate questions regarding her taste in men in terms of older 40 and up or young strong 20-year-olds. She also took exception to my creepy staring at her every move. At that point Finley thanked us for coming, the interview was over and we were asked to leave.

The bottom line is Clarence Finley is doing quite well in his retirement. He has a beautiful home and a gorgeous live-in girlfriend. After our visit we learned that the baseball field at his high school in Blaine Washington was named in his honor and the first episode of “Clarence and Rebecca” will air this fall on Fox FX. Congratulations to the couple and we will see you all again in the next issue of “WHERE ARE THEY NOW!”

Rebecca Victoria Hardy, professionally known as Reby Sky /ˈrɛbi/, is an model, radio, actress, television personality, photographer, dancer, professional wrestler who is currently dating former major league baseball player Clarence Finley. Wikipedia

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