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Season 18 Mid-Summer Awards

Who is the Mid-Summer MVP

Miami, Fla. (McC) The votes are in, and we here at McCabe Magazine are ready to announce our Mid-Summer All-Pro Team and Player Awards. The voters are selected beat writers and club front office personnel. Envelope PLEASE. 

Our Robert E. McCabe Mid-Summer Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award came down to four choices. These four players will all be finalist for the end of year MVP in their respective Leagues. The nominees on our list are Homer Henry (NY2) of the New York Mets who leads the majors with 38 Home Runs. Next is last year’s Mid-Summer MVP Philip Priest (COL) of the Colorado Rockies (33 HR, .334 BA). Then we have the best 5-tool player in League history, Kansas City’s Tony Cortes (KC). Cortes leads the League with a .381 Batting Average, and 1164 OPS. Rounding out our four nominees is Don Bagley (DET) of the Detroit Tigers. Bagley (.376 BA) is in a dead heat with Cortes for the All-Time Hit King Title. And the winner is Tony Cortes. This 31 year-old first ballot Hall of Famer has only one question left, can he lead the Royals (54-37) to their first World Series Title in club history.

McCabe Magazine Outstanding Pitcher

Our Mid-Summer Outstanding Pitcher Award came down to three hurlers. The nominees are Stewart Bell (13-3, 1.97 ERA) of Tampa Bay. The next player started the season in the Bullpen Art Oberholtzer (9-0, 1.63 ERA), and Arizona’s workhorse Vince Garcia (8 CG, 2.07 ERA). And the winner of the Mid-Summer Pitcher Award is, Stewart Bell. Tampa Bay (52-29) leads the National League South by 7 games and is in position to win their first divisional title, with Bell will be leading the charge. Bell has never won 20 games in a season, coming close in season 15 with 19, when he tallied 9 for Detroit and 10 for Seattle. Bell is on the last year of a $15 million dollar deal and is pitching for a season 20 contract. However, at age 32 look for this Cy Young Award candidate to get a deal around 8-10 mil per year.

Mid-Summer Fireman

Our Mid-Summer Fireman Award winner is Al Segui (33 Saves, 1.60 ERA) of the Baltimore Orioles. This 37 year-old much traveled sinker ball pitcher has made the All-Star Team for three different clubs during his 18 year career.

Mid-Summer All-Pro Team   

Hersh Mays
San Francisco
Age: 26B/T: L/R
Born: Lytle, TX
Position(s): C
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Catcher: 32 Home Runs, 76 RBI, and a 1.017 OPS.

Don Bagley
Age: 28B/T: S/R
Born: French Camp, MS
Position(s): 1B
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First Basemen: 23 Home Runs, 78 RBI,.376 BA and a 1.055 OPS.

Homer Henry
New York
Age: 30B/T: S/R
Born: Rock Falls, IL
Position(s): 2B
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Second Basemen: 28 Home Runs, 72 RBI,.331 BA and a 1.092 OPS.

Barry Henley
Kansas City
Age: 27B/T: L/R
Born: Trail, BC
Position(s): 3B/1B/2B/COF/DH
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Third Basemen: 24 Home Runs, 84 RBI,.331 BA and a .991 OPS.

Willie Silva
Red Sox
Age: 28B/T: R/R
Born: San Francisco De Macoris, DO
Position(s): SS/IF/OF/DH
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Shortstop: 24 Home Runs, 63 RBI,.320 BA and a .915 OPS.

Tony Cortes
Kansas City
Age: 31B/T: R/R
Born: Barahona, DO
Position(s): LF/CIF/2B/OF/DH
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Outfield: 15 Home Runs, 72 RBI,.381 BA and a 1.164 OPS.

Philip Priest
Age: 31B/T: R/R
Born: Carrollton, KY
Position(s): LF/1B/RF/DH
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Outfield: 33 Home Runs, 92 RBI,.343 BA and a 1.131 OPS.

Luis Mesa
Red Sox
Age: 24B/T: L/L
Born: Hillsborough, CA
Position(s): CF/1B/OF/DH
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Outfield: 29 Home Runs, 71 RBI,.306 BA and a .996 OPS.

Willie Tomlinson
Age: 32B/T: R/R
Born: San Juan Capis, CA
Position(s): DH
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Designated Hitter : 16 Home Runs, 60 RBI,.296 BA and a .876 OPS.

Stewart Bell
Tampa Bay
Age: 32B/T: L/L
Born: Eastern, KY
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Starting Pitcher: 13-3, 1.07 Whip, and a 1.97 ERA.

Juan Azocar
New York
Age: 25B/T: L/L
Born: Santo Domingo, CU
Position(s): P (SuA)
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Middle Relief Pitcher: 3-0, 57 Games, 98.1 IP, 97 SO, 0.84 Whip, and a 2.01 ERA.

Al Segui
Age: 37B/T: R/R
Born: Moncion, DO
Position(s): P (ClA)
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Closer: 33 Saves 35 SVO, 0.89 Whip, and a 1.60 ERA.

Stat of the Day

Best Pinch Hitters Top 10

Toby Spence
Age: 23B/T: R/R
Born: Gardena, CA
Position(s): RF
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Rank Player PH PH AB PH BA
1 Toby Spence (FLA) 9 16 0.563
2 Sergei Fleming (ARI) 8 16 0.500
3 Zip Ramsey (RIC) 8 16 0.500
4 Darren West (CIN) 8 19 0.421
5 Mariano Cabrera (CH2) 8 23 0.348
6 Cory Simpson (RIC) 13 41 0.317
7 Ross Davis (SEA) 9 30 0.300
8 Julio Martin (CH1) 16 61 0.262
9 Mel Nye (SEA) 10 40 0.250
10 Iago Sheldon (NY2) 9 45 0.200

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