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Season 8 First Round Selections Where are They Now?

Las Vegas, NV (McC) With the amateur draft approaching, we here at McCabe Magazine wanted to take a 10 year look back at season 8 armature draft. Where are they now?

With the number one pick that year, the Washington D.C. Nationals took a 22 year-old screwball pitcher Norberto Velazquez a senior at Middle Tennessee State. Velazquez has a 61-69 record in 315 appearances during his 7 big league career. We will call Velazquez the Sam Bowie pick because with the second pick the Arizona Diamondbacks took future Hall of Famer Vince Garcia. Like Michael, Garcia has dominated the league in his 6 Major League seasons. He has won the last four (4) CY Young awards, a career ERA of 2.63, and has average 22 wins per season with 77 complete games since his season 11 promotion. He is a pitcher that proves that pitching is not about power, but location, location, location. As a high schooler out of Lee Academy in Lee, Missouri Garcia velocity was rated a 29 by many scouts. Today his velocity rating is 33 and holding. How does he do it? Control! He has a devastating curveball, a 4-seam fastball, and a slider that goes where he wants it to go, when he wants it to go. The third pick was Oakland’s Home Run hitting third-baseman George Brantley. Drafted as a shortstop, Brantley banged out 60 Home Runs twice in the minor leagues and has average 44 Dingers during his 6 year career. He has 16 this season in 51 games. However, at 31 and in year 4 of a 6 year deal at 9.7 million per season, some scouts we spoke to think his power numbers are on the down swing. Insiders say, look for Oakland to move him before season 20.
Remaining 1st Round Picks (4-32). 

1.4 Wandy Duran (P) by Seattle Mariners. Duran has an 87-70 record in 6 Major League seasons. His career best was season 16 when he posted a record of 17-9 with a 2.95 ERA. Nevertheless, he was demoted to AAA the following season (17) and finish with a 7-9 ML record with a 5.21 ERA before his return this season to the Big Leagues.  

1.5 Geovany Nunez (P) This New York State senior was drafted by Colorado and has bounce around as a setup man during his 5 year Major League career with a 5.68 ERA. He has very good velocity however; his 5 pitches have been rated average to below average. Nunez has 3 years left on a free-agent signing by Richmond in the off season at 3.7 million.    

1.6 Gary Boone (2B/CF) Drafted by San Francisco and traded to San Diego during season 12 has a 8 season Major League career. He has one All-Star appearance (14) and an impressive stolen-base total of 222 (CS 40).

1.7 Martin Brower (P) This Chicago Cub pitcher was drafted by Houston and has a history of shoulder and elbow injuries. He is presently on the 60-Day disable list. He has been on the 60 DL 3 times during his career and on the 7-Day DL twice.  

1.8 Rudy Cuddyer (LF/1B/DH) Cuddyer drafted by Chicago White Sox was a Rule 5 selection of the San Francisco Giants in season 12 and played in 162 games with a .245 BA and 40 stolen-bases. He was demoted the following year and returned to the big club in season 14.

1.9 Ezdra Castillo (P) Retired after season 15 Castillo had a 3 year disappointing ML career. Drafted by the New York Mets and traded in season 9 to the Giants, Castillo spent most of his time between the minors (168 games) and the big club (231). His best year was season 13 when he appeared in 75 games and posted a 3.04 ERA.

1.10 Gabe Sears (P) Another disappointing selection. Sears has spent all of his pro seasons in the minor leagues. Drafted by Boston, he has also played for Colorado AAA-AA, Milwaukee AAA, and the New York Yankees AAA. At age 30 McCabe Magazine has officially labeled Sears a BUST.

1.11 Steve Simms (LF/1B/DH) an Atlanta Brave draftee was Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger award winner in season 11. Traded to the Minnesota Twins at the start of season 16 Simms has a career BA of 298.  

1.12 Don Bagley (1B) Detroit Tigers was Rookie of the Year in season 13. Have 3 Silver Slugger awards, and 3 All-Star Appearances. Bagley is a hitting machine and was third on the all-time career BA list with a 331 at the start of season 18. Don’t look now, as of today’s date his career BA is 336 which will put him ahead McCabe Leagues all-time hit kings, Kansas City’s Tony Cortes  and retired 1B Placido Ortiz, both with career Batting Averages of 335.

1.13 Brian Perez (LF/1B/DH) Drafted by Baltimore and traded to San Diego during season 17 Perez has never hit more than 22 Home Runs in a season with career BA of 258.

1.14 Mark Kuo (LF/1B/RF/DH) was a Cincinnati selection and traded to the Nationals after season 10. Kuo signed a five-year 47 million dollar (9.4 per yr.) free-agent deal after season 16. He followed that signing up with a very disappointing season 17. He finished that season with 17 Home Runs, 69 RBI, and a 215 Batting Average in 1545 games played.   

1.15 Michael Branson (P) was a Tampa draftee and was acquired via waiver wire this season by the Cardinals. This 31 year-old setup man has lost velocity and control in recent years. In 234 appearances Branson has a 14-13 won/lost record, 13 saves, and a 5.35 ERA.

1.16 Philip Wieland (P) the Ace of the Philadelphia staff has a career 3.76 ERA.

1.17 Nolan Kouzmanoff (RF/1B/LF/DH) a Milwaukee Brewer selection. Kouzmanoff has average 34 Home Runs and 111 RBI in 7 Major League seasons.

1.18 Nate Hawkins (CF) a Junior College draftee of the Texas Rangers never signed a contract.

1.19 Rob Ingram (CF/CIF/2B/OF/DH) was drafted by LA Dodgers and has played for the Nationals (Rule 5 selection), Royals, Braves, Cubs, Yankees, and Padres.

1.20 Oswaldo Serra (SS) Milwaukee Brewers ML utility infielder in seasons 12-15 and took over the full time position at the start of season 16.

1.21 Paul Pride (3B) is a free-agent and last played in season 16 for the Washington Nationals.

1.22 Josh Garcia (LF/1B) Richmond Virginians lifelong minor leaguer.  

1.23 Matt Taylor (1B) was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks and traded to the Oakland Athletics in season 11, where he has played in 45 games last year and 77 games in season 16. He has never been on the Disable List.

1.24 Bo Banks (P) this long reliever was a Toronto Blue Jay selection in season 8. He has a career 45-58 record and a 5.30 ERA.

1.25 George Beech (P) drafted by Pittsburgh Pirates out of Delgado Community College in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 200 Major League appearances he posted a 17-13 record with a 4.52 ERA.

1.26 George Lieber (P) was drafted by the Rochester Broncos traded to the Nationals in season 11 and then released by the Nationals after season 16. He was then signed by the Chicago Cub making 13 starts (2-4) before being traded back the Broncos during season 17.

1.27 Robinson Kulik (OF/CIF/2B) is a free-agent looking for work. Kulik played all but one season with the team that drafted him, the New York Yankees.  

1.28 Alan Phillips (P) was drafted by the Padres traded to the Mets (Season 12) and a Rule 5 selection of the Baltimore Orioles at the start of season 13. He was demoted this season to the Orioles AAA club.

1.29 Charlie Outman (P) has 3 ML seasons under his belt after spending most of his minor league career with the team that drafted him, the Florida Marlins.

1.30 Brett Hegan (SS) a Chicago Cub selection never signed a Pro contract.

1.31 Kyle Liefer (SS) was an Anaheim Angel selection and played in 1023 minor league games before the Atlanta Braves claimed him off waivers (season 16) and promoted him to the big club where he has a career BA of 223 in 302 plate appearances.

1.32 J.P. Johnson (P) is a starting pitcher (SP4) and a first round selection of the St. Louis Cardinals. His Major League career totals are 154 appearances (134 starts) with a 50-36 record and a 4.07 ERA.

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